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Skin Safe Airbrush Tattoo Entertainment  & Event Marketing Fun   

Las Vegas Events & Parties 
Branding Activations

Airbrush Tattoos Las Vegas

is the professional choice for brand activation's and experiential marketing.  


Event marketing agencies understand the importance of getting out the Brand brand in a fun and effective way.  This is where our star really shines.


Our graphics team can  replicate virtually any Logo, and vector it into a reusable Mylar Tattoo Stencil.  With these stencils in hand our team is ready to work our magic, and rock your event!


Our process is second to none at drawing in & maintaining crowds of enthusiastic followers.  Our staff are experts at the art of Brand Ambassadorship.


Having been immersed into our unique tattoo process, your fans can then wear your custom branded  Airbrush Tattoo days after Leaving the Venue.  This of course provides a Fantastic Marketing Tool!

Las Vegas Airbrush Tattoos will rock your event! We can create hundreds of beautifully colored  realistic looking Temporary Airbrush Tattoos that appeal to all age groups.

Your guests will be captivated as they experience all the excitement of getting a Tattoo without any of the long term consequences    

Our full Color Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are skin safe, dry instantly, and are waterproof.  They  can last for days, or  be easily removed.

With hundreds of airbrush tattoo templates from which to choice, we can easily match your party or event theme.


About Us

Airbrush Tattoos Las Vegas Specializes in providing Airbrush Tattoo Fun for Las Vegas corporate activation's, experiential marketing, and private parties. Our show never fails to be a huge hit for of all age groups!

We create a ground swell of excitement for your Brand Activation, Experiential Marketing Event, or Party, as we put on an Airbrush Tattoo show featuring our Skin Safe, Full Color, Airbrush Tattoos.

Our process is quick; It takes about 3 minutes from start to finish. Our product is skin safe, dries instantly, and is waterproof.  Our full color Temporary Airbrush Tattoos can last for days, or can be easily removed.

Our Airbrush Tattoo Artists are courteous, friendly, proficient and always professional.

Ask us about our Custom Airbrush Tattoos which can be the perfect Marketing Tool for Your Company Brand.

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Please Feel Free to Call us with any questions or to Book Airbrush Tattoos Las Vegas for your event.


 Toll Free: 866-433-0643

     Local: 702-289-4080


Terms and Conditions

Payment methods accepted are Paypal, Credit Card, or ACH. Payment in full is necessary to complete bookings and is non-refundable should the client cancel or postpone the event. In the case of postponement, Tribal Ink will work with you to accommodate an alternate date; however, due to other bookings and commitments, availability may be limited.


Artwork must be received by Tribal Ink no less than 10 business days ahead of the event date. Final proof by client must be made no later than 14 days before event date to ensure adequate time to review, create, proof, cut, and ship the finished product.

No party to Tribal Ink event service bookings shall be liable for failure to perform as a result of accidents to means of transportation, riots, strikes, engagement cancellation, epidemics, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond the control of such party.  If, for any reason, Tribal Ink or a designated alternate artist should be unable to accommodate your confirmed booking, your payment will be returned to you in full.

Limitations: Artist(s) will not paint any part of body that is illegal to expose in public, or any place they do not feel comfortable painting. Artist(s) will not paint any design or wording that is obscene, offensive, or defies good taste, in the Artist’s opinion. For sanitary reasons, the Artist(s) will not paint anyone who appears to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, or any infectious skin conditions or open wounds. The Artist(s) will stop painting immediately, if anyone being painted is in distress or changes their mind after the painting has started. The Artist(s) reserve the right to refuse to paint individuals who are exhibiting inappropriate or offensive behavior, in the Artist’s opinion.

Tribal Ink agrees to provide the services stipulated using only professional water resistant theatrical cosmetic grade approved products on the booked date(s) with the acceptance of payment in full and signed agreement.

Liability insurance is carried and a current insurance certificate with additional insured can be provided upon request.